Mint Is Going To Integrate Our Portfolios

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MintMint is planning to help its users see the big picture of their financial state by integrating their portfolios into their Mint accounts. Very soon, we’ll be able to see all our investments, mutual funds, and retirement accounts at

Mint’s approach to investments is all about helping us make better decisions easily. So by integrating our portfolios, it’ll help us find quick and timely answers to key questions like:
  • What’s the big picture? Mint'll pull together all our 401(k), IRA, brokerage, and mutual fund accounts in one secure place.
  • Am I beating the market? We can compare our stocks, accounts, or total portfolio to relevant market indices like the S&P 500.
  • Is my money working hard for me, or for my broker? We’ll understand what fees we’re being charged, by whom, and when.
This feature will be released in beta in a few weeks. Selected users will be invited to test it out. Once it's stable it'll be open to the world. Mint is truly focused at providing refreshing money management for FREE (how long :-) ?).

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