Amtrust Direct gives us $50 bonus

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This February we wrote about AmtrustDirect's $50 Cash Bonus deal. Amtrust was offering $50 for signing up for their Smart Save-Up plan. This feature made it easy to set-up ongoing deposits into our e-Money Market or e-Savings account at We were required to set up an automatic transfer of at least $100 per month for a minimum of 3 months.

Well, we did set up an automatic monthly transfer for $100 from our checking to our Amtrust account. Last fortnight marked the end of our third month for the automatic transfer. Today when we logged into our Amtrust account, we saw that we'd been credited a $50 bonus.

This was an easy free money deal. All it took was five minutes to set up an automatic transfer for 3 months. Amtrust is superbly efficient, so no follow up actions were needed on our part for getting the bonus. Wish all free money bonuses were as smooth as this one :).

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