Heartiest Welcome for MSN's SmartSpending Audience!

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FIRE Finance featured in MSNAug 06, 2008: We extend a warm welcome to our new audience from MSN's money blog "SmartSpending." You will find that our blog portrays real life experiences, practical tips, useful and timely posts related to personal finance and retirement planning. Please explore our offerings, peruse the posts in various categories of your choice and discover several gems akin to your taste.

Perhaps one good place to start is our mission statement and then take a peek at our posts on investing, retirement and frugal living. The next perch might be the comprehensive list of all our publications at various carnivals and festivals. If you are looking for some extra cash, you can check out our list of free money deals. And amidst all these things if you get to like us, you may subscribe to our blog for our free newsletter. We hope that you'll like your stay at FIRE Finance.

Last yet most important, we express our heartfelt thanks to Karen for featuring our post at SmartSpending.

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