Informed Trades

David Waring David Waringhas set up a very useful website named InformedTrades for those who are seriously interested in learning about informed investing and trading. He was introduced to the stock market and the concepts of trading at a very young age. Since this field had sparked an interest in him early on, he decided to major in finance from East Carolina University. After that he spent about a decade honing his investing and trading skills at FXCM, a online forex currency trading firm based in New York.

Towards the later part of his career at FXCM, David was responsible for managing a separate team of analysts/traders whose core task was to build FXCM's managed funds division. He enjoyed this role since it gave him the leeway to amalgam his love of the markets with the power of the internet. This experience and his passion for sharing knowledge about the markets gave birth to The aim of this site is to empower its users with correct knowledge about the markets and trading so that they can play the game of investing with intelligent and informed decisions and do away with ignorant gambling aka mindless stock picking.

Every day David updates the site several times with summaries of the market, top stories and charts, and informative articles dealing with the concepts of successful trading. He also writes elaborately researched articles about factors that affect the market, like the recent sub prime mortage fiasco with simple yet in depth explanation of the financial crisis.

What impressed us most is a huge database of well researched free trading courses and videos that David has created to teach his readers about trading. has a rich forum which is the main community hub with 3350+ members and a whopping 220k posts. New investors can use this forum to ask questions while regular users can use it to discuss intricate concepts about the market and its conditions. The forum is monitored strictly and is spam free. The site is very clean with no banner and CPC ads. This helps its users to solely focus on the content without any annoying distractions. This is a definite plus.

Though the site is rich in content and utility for new and professional investors alike, there are some places where it can definitely do with some improvements. One very prominent glitch is the absence of a RSS Feed. It would be good if David's web team provides users with the ability to subscribe to his daily market summaries. Also, the design of the site appears amateurish. A professional Web 2.0 face lift with a good user interface that enhances its ease of use can definitely bolster its popularity.

In a nut shell, kudos to David and his team for all the hard work they have put into creating a genuine and free storehouse of authentic content about learning the ropes of trading for anyone who is interested in doing so. Congrats and keep up the good work.