Marcus Evans Congress

Jan 23, 2009: Today one of our friends mentioned about his forthcoming trip to Poland in about a fortnight. Curious to know more, we asked him about the details. It seems it's a business trip for a Marcus Evans PharmTech Congress. Since he was very excited about attending such a premier congress in Europe, and we were clueless about what a Marcus Evans Congress meant, we pressed on.

Marcus Evans CongressHe went on to explain that Marcus Evans Congresses brought together vendors of technology, equipment and services with decision makers (pre-qualified) or buyers from relevant industries through invite-only events. Thus it was a unique opportunity for leading suppliers to meet with key professionals from big companies and demonstrate their products and services. Also, at each Congress there are industry led conference programs where practical case studies are presented. This provided a great scenario for executives to network and discuss solutions to current challenges in their industry.

In addition to organizing business events, The Marcus Evans Group also provide business training, corporate hospitality at sporting and cultural events and business information through subscription based research products and publications. Most of the company's revenues come from large blue chip corporate clients.

An English businessman named Marcus Evans (based in London) started this company. He is a 46 year old billionaire who is publicity shy and likes to maintain a low profile. What amazed us is the fact that till date he has not given any public interviews and there are no publicly available photographs of him (via Wikipedia)! At present he resides in Bermuda even though he has two homes in Britain.

To summarize our understanding in a nut shell, Marcus Evans Congresses are one of the world's leading invite only events that create successful premium "speed dating" for businesses. Along with it, strategic and effective decision making is enhanced through effective exchanges of global business intelligence and information.