Your Credit Age?

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Credit QuizJan 30, 2009: Today while browsing the web, we found a cool Web 2.0 site which measures our age in credit years. This site is powered by The user interface has cool AJAX features which make it a pleasure to play the "credit age" game. 

They have designed a fun credit quiz which asks us 8 easy questions. Based on our answers, our credit age is determined. Here are the possible four credit ages:
  • Credit Newbie: You've not built any real or good credit.
  • Credit Curious: You still have a lot to learn, but with the right moves and enough time you can build solid credit.
  • Credit Capable: You understand how to care for your credit.
  • Credit Connoisseur: You are the master of your finances. You know how to pay off your debts and save for the future.
Our credit age turned out to be 38 years and we were given the tag Credit Capable :). For those of us who are really proud of our credit age can display it on our websites with a sleek and stylish web 2.0 badge. So if you have a few minutes with nothing to do, have fun playing this game!