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Wall Street Survivor - Learn to Trade
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April 20, 2009: If stock markets appeal to you and you feel that online investing is fun then you might want to hone your skills with Wall Street Survivor which offers a free platform for a fantasy stock market. The platform simulates real world stock trading with high accuracy. This helps the players to learn the game of trading in an environment akin to a real life stock market without risking any of their own money. Also, it provides an opportunity to learn through our interactions with other fantasy stock traders via a collaborative social network platform, where we can exchange valuable strategies and trading ideas.

We can manage our own fantasy stock portfolio and learn to trade by executing our fantasy stock trades of real companies in "real-time". Yes, you read it right! Wall Street Survivor provides real time financial data feed from Thomson which is the same one used by brokers and traders around the world. A real-time leader board ranks our portfolio’s performance in the game. Plus, we can get streaming updates of our portfolio. If we want more information about a company we can use Wall Street Survivor's Research Center which provides us with a huge database of market data, charts, a stock screener, earnings calendar, a watch list, and other research tools that can aid us to make informed trading and investment decisions.

Starter PortfoliosFor beginners, Wall Street Survivor has created three starter portfolios - Safe & Conservative, Balanced, and Hot & Risky. So newbies can now choose a basket of stocks with a few clicks and get started on trading. We can also create a personal stock watchlist to track potential new trades while Community Trades Ticker shows us recent trades from the Survivor community. Advanced traders can use this platform to test risky investment strategies before playing with their own money in the real market. This will help them to smooth the kinks in their investment game plans. To facilitate learning, Wall Street Survivor has created a Survivor University which is filled with insightful articles about the game of stock trading for newbies and pros alike. In addition, we can watch free video content from Bloomberg TV and CNBC.

To make our experience more magnetic and interesting Wall Street Survivor offers over 100,000 in cash and prizes through year round contests. Also, there are monthly, weekly and daily overall prizes (Amazon gift certificates [$25 to $100]) based on the greatest portfolio percentage gain.

In a nutshell, Wall Street Survivor is a fantastic way to become acquainted with the stock market without losing any real money. Check it out to your heart's fill ....

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