FREE Health Care for the Unemployed - Take Care Clinic

Take Care Clinic

If you have lost your job, are unemployed at present and are uninsured, then you along with your family can get FREE health care visits at a Take Care Clinic. Take Care Clinics are part of Take Care Health Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Walgreens.
This offer applies to any Take Care Clinic patient that loses his or her job on or after March 31 and has no health insurance. Any other individual that visits a Take Care Clinic as a patient after March 31, and then loses his or her job and is uninsured, may qualify for the offer for the remainder of 2009.
This offer from Take Care Clinic takes off some of the stress arising from a sudden loss of income. At least it offers a place where we can turn to for FREE checkups for ourselves as well as our families when the going gets tough. A Take Care Clinic treats Respiratory Illnesses, Additional Treatments, Skin Conditions, Diagnostic Testing, Minor Injuries, Wellness, Vaccinations and Physicals.

If you have been a patient at a Take Care Clinic kindly leave a comment about the clinic and your experience for the benefit of all. Thanks in advance for your participation :).

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