Lost Money Recoup Time? Use This Calculator

Recoup Lost Money CalculatorAug 16, 2012: The financial meltdown of the stock market (since the Fall of 2008) not only triggered a recession but wiped away 50% of our portfolio. So like most people we were wondering how long it will take to recover from this blow. Kiplinger came to our rescue with their special calculator which tells us how long it will take to recoup our losses. After plugging in the figures we were told that it would take about ten years for us to recoup our losses!

You can experiment with different combinations of two of the three primary variables: contribution rates, rates of return on investments and years of saving. The basic assumption is that the more we save and the higher our investments earn, the faster we will recoup our losses.

Check out the calculator and also make sure you read the methodology to understand the tool :).

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