Hope for Haiti Now - Wyclef Jean's Global Telethon Fundraiser on Amazon

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George Clooney, CNN's Anderson Cooper and Wyclef Jean host MTV's "Hope for Haiti Now" the commercial-free global telethon with performances by Wyclef, Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, and many others is now available on Amazon - Video on Demand for $2.99. All proceeds go to charity.

Wyclef Jean has a deeply personal connection to the earthquake that devastated Haiti since he grew up in Haiti. Through the years, he has proudly represented Haiti and has spent many hours raising money to help its poverty-stricken residents through his Yele Haiti foundation. He said he's elated to see so many people banding together to help the country in the wake of the earthquake. During a break from rehearsals for the telethon, Wyclef Jean told MTV News on Thursday night:
People [are] stepping up — the world is compassionate. Despite what many may think, the hearts of men and women are warm. Sometimes I think that we are distracted by so much war that we forget that we are loving people, and this [event] is a great example of that.

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