Frugal Creative Gift Ideas for Holiday Cards

Holiday CardsDec 12, 2013: Creativity bundled with enthusiasm knows no bounds. And Holidays provide special opportunities to express it. More so since this is one of those rare times of the year when you can give abundantly to your loved ones. Creative personalized ideas help in using resources skillfully without breaking budgets. In that light, here are some creative inspirations for this holidays' cards.

Holiday Cardse Holiday Cards: For netizens and people who have access to the internet, you can send FREE e-Cards. If you can spare some time, you may go ahead and make some beautiful personalized slide-shows with music, words and photos.

Holiday CardsPostcards: Usually the postage for postcards is cheaper than regular cards. So it helps to create a separate mailing list for postcards and find suitable ones for all on the list.

Holiday CardsBuy on Sale: Christmas cards go on sale in December. So it's a nice time to be an early bird and purchase in bulk. But you must make it a point to go through each card carefully. It's best to avoid cards which look cheap. Get the pretty ones!

Holiday CardsUse spare photos: If you have extra sets of photos that will not go into your albums, then they can be used to create homemade photo cards. This is a fantastic way to personalize a card. It has always been very well appreciated by near and dear ones.

Holiday CardsKids Artwork: For those who have children, you can make use of your kids artwork to create fantastic cards for your family and friends. Usually kids love to paint special pictures for their grandparents, aunts and uncles, as well as siblings and cousins. It also helps them to bond and get rooted to their families.

Holiday CardsHoliday Phone Greetings: Sometimes a few of your loved ones will prefer a personal phone call more than a card. For such special people, you can use an inexpensive VOIP program which allows unlimited calls to any phone in US or Canada for less than $3 per month aka Skype!

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Holiday CardsNewsletters: Another fantastic idea is to email newsletters with details of what's going on in your lives instead of sending out Christmas cards. An e-newsletter has great potential since you can add digital photos, links to your websites or blogs and customized audio recordings for your loved ones. And the best part is that it's FREE except for your efforts :).

Holiday CardsReuse: You can reuse some of your cards from various past occasions and festivities. Not only do they save money but they also help save some beautiful cards from ending up in trash.
  • A nice way of creating a postcard is to cut the beautiful side of the card and use the blank reverse side to write a note and mailing address. Don't forget to leave some room for postage.
  • If you want to create a card, then you can get some sturdy color paper, fold it properly and stick the pretty picture from your old card on the top.
Holiday CardsOrder in Bulk: When there is a need to create professional looking customized photo cards or special holiday cards (say for your business) you can use online services like Zazzle's Greeting Cards.

Unleash the creative genius hidden within each of you. What are your fun ways of creating frugal yet personalized holiday cards?

We are looking forward towards your experiences and creative ideas. Thanks for participating :).
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