Rentometer Paves The Way For Smart Moves

Dec 05, 2013: One of the basic necessities for humans is shelter. It's often true that most of us pay around 15 to 35 percent of our take-home salaries in rent or mortgage. For those who are renting apartments, the rent-money is not building any home equity. So our aim should be to shell out minimal rent dollars.

But how do we know whether we've got a good rental deal or not? Once we do the research and move into an apartment, one seldom checks how the rent in the neighborhood is faring. Very often we find it intimidating to go through rental websites or listings in apartment guides to check neighborhood rents. The task is quite time consuming too. Well not any more!

RentoMeterA tool named RentOMeter has come to our aid. It gives rental figures of a neighbourhood in less than a minute! We checked this tool with our present address. According to it we have got a reasonably good deal since we are paying around $50 less than the median rent of our neighborhood. Calls for a celebration!

To use the tool, you need to input your current address and rent. Next, a rentometer appears that shows your rent, alongwith the low, median, and high rents of your neighborhood.

On the right of the rentometer, a Google Map displays blobs for different properties in your neighborhood. When you click a blob, you get to see the rent for that specific property. That's really cool! No driving around, no research at various websites, no pouring through rental guides, just a click and you know what the rent map looks like :).

Take a look at RentOMeter and play with it. Have Fun!

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