Mission Statement

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The mission of the blog, FIRE Finance, is to record our financial journey towards reaching FIRE which means Financial Independence Retire Early. On the way to our goal, we shall share our experiences in the area of personal finance by posting articles on:
  • banks, book reviews, brokerages, budgeting,
  • charity, credit,
  • deals and bonuses [free money],
  • financial theories, frugal tips,
  • investings,
  • research done by us, retirement planning,
  • taxes, tools [financial], and
  • other miscellaneous things that have aided us.
We plan to maintain a honest, authentic and simple (easy to use) yet professional blog dedicated to benefit our user community, that is, our readers. We shall try to be as accurate as possible in our posts. If unknowingly mistakes creep in we shall try to correct them at the earliest.

We are by no means experts or financial gurus. So we invite our readers to comment on the merits and demerits of the philosophies and strategies deployed by us, and contribute their own views and relevant experiences for the benefit of everyone in the blogosphere.

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