Charity - Donate using Charity Mutual Funds - Part-2

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"We make a living by what we earn - we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

In continuation with our post titled Charity- Donate using Charity Mutual Funds - Part 1, we researched some established donor / charity funds. In the following section we profile three charity funds : Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving and The T. Rowe Price program for Charitable Giving.

  1. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
    • The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund is a donor-advised fund, a charitable giving vehicle that combines immediate tax benefits with the ability to support your favorite charities on a flexible timetable. You can find out more about opening a Fidelity donor fund from the following links:
    • Since their founding in 1991, thousands of donors have looked to them to facilitate their charitable giving. Together, they have contributed over $5.5 billion to tens of thousands of U.S. non profit organizations, in virtually every field of interest and every state in the nation. View history of the fund.
    • It is believed that charitable giving is a deeply personal expression of our beliefs and life experience. Fidelity offers philanthropic resources and educational materials to help their donors create a giving strategy that fulfills their personal charitable mission.
    • Minimum contribution is $10,000 and minimal additional contributions is $500.
    • You can contact Fidelity, or request more information online.
  2. Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
    • The Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving is a national donor advised fund with a uniquely flexible way to manage your giving. It is simple, efficient and provides you and your family with a tax-smart way to support charities today and build a lasting legacy for tomorrow.
    • The Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving has made over 62,000 grants to over 18,000 public charities - a total of more than $365 million.
    • They provide tools for researching a charity on similar ground as Fidelity above.
    • They have some expanded investment choices which stretches over money market pool, equity index pool, international pool.
    • Account minimum is $10,000 and minimal additional contributions is $500. Please refer to a/c maintenance fees before investing.
    • You may contact them by email or by phone (800) 746-6216 - Monday to Friday, 11am - 8 pm ET.
  3. The T.Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
    • The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving helps investors simplify their giving, maximize their tax savings, and help others. The Program is a national donor-advised fund that lets you concentrate on your favorite causes now and in the future while the Program takes care of administration.
    • To participate, you establish a donor-advised fund account by making tax-deductible contributions to the Program. Your contributions are invested at your request in up to five professionally managed investment pools and can grow over time. You can recommend ? immediately and over time ? grant distributions from your account to support public charities of your choice.
    • You can name friends, family members, or trusted professionals as advisors to the account. You can also establish a legacy of giving by naming successors who can carry on your tradition of charitable giving in the future. The Program focuses on personalized service to donors and provides a valuable online resource for researching and evaluating nonprofit organizations.
    • The initial minimum contribution is $10,000 (subsequent donations may be as low as $500). Please refer to details of program fees.
    • Contact Information


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  2. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  3. Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
  4. The T.Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving

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