Firstrade - 5 Free Trades Referral

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1. Current version of this referral is available here.

2. If you need a referral to earn 5 commission free trades at firstrade, you may send an email with your FIRST and LAST NAME plus email id to [firegetters at gmail dot com]. We'll send you a referral.

Firstrade brokerage is offering FIVE free trades as well as one month of free access to X-Stream2 Level II Quotes when someone opens an account with them through its referral program. Since each trade costs $6.95, this deal is nearly worth $35 !


  • Offer not valid for retirement, business, or investment club accounts.
  • Excludes existing Firstrade customers.
  • Account must be opened with minimum initial deposit of $1,000 (funds transferred from an existing Firstrade account are not eligible) and remain open for 6 consecutive months; Firstrade will rebate the commission of up to $6.95 per stock trade up to a maximum of 5 trades for the first 30 days the qualifying account is open.
  • You will pay the normal commission on all stock trades at the time of the trade and your account will be credited with the rebate within eight weeks of account approval and funding.
  • Account holders (your friends) must maintain minimum funding in all accounts ($1,000 less any trading losses) for at least six months.
  • One month free Level II quotes begins the day you register for that product.
  • Limit one nontransferable new account bonus per household.
  • Not valid with any other offer. Other terms may apply. Firstrade reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time.

If you want a referal, send an email to [firegetters at gmail dot com] and we will send you a referral.

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