Tools - A comprehensive line of financial tools for NetBank customers

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Netbank has gone out of business!

NetBank is offering an entire range of financial tools for helping their customers to plan for Retirement, Insurance, Education, Budget, Investment, and Accumulation for short-term and long-term savings. These tools aid in developing a professional financial strategy yet are a Do-It-Yourself kit.

The tools are provided by Netbank's partner Advise America Inc which is top rated by Forrester Research. The details about the various financial tools from NetBank can be found here. The only caveat of these suite of tools is that they currently work with Internet Explorer 6.0 only. We hope that NetBank enhances the suite for use with other popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox very soon. We recapitulate a summary of the suite of tools below :

  • Retirement Planner - Find financial solutions for your retirement goals through product and savings recommendations.
  • Insurance Planner - Analyze all your needs with a personalized insurance plan.
  • Education Planner - Determine adequate fund education requirements with current college costs and planning methods.
  • Accumulation Planner - Find short and long-term savings products that will help you reach planning goals.
  • Budget Planner - NEW! Organize and take control of your finances. Enter your monthly expenses to find a budget that fits your lifestyle.
  • Investment Planner - Get a quick snapshot of your portfolio as well as a suggested asset allocation that best suits your risk profile.

Note: For access to the free financial plan, you must fund a NetBank checking, money market, CD or IRA account. Or, access the plan if you have a NetBank Auto Loan or Mortgage.

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