Frugal Tip - Who said there is no free lunch?

Who said there is no free lunch? Well sort of - fill up the circles on a Panera Bread Club Card and get a FREE lunch! For those of you who are unfamiliar about Panera bread here is an excerpt from their website.

With the single goal of making great bread broadly available to consumers across America, Panera Bread freshly bakes more bread each day than any bakery-cafe concept in the country. Every day, at every location, trained bakers handcraft and bake each loaf from scratch, using all-natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality breads. Panera Bread bakery-cafes showcase the art and craft of bread making, helping customers truly appreciate and enjoy a great loaf of bread by studying its crust, crumb and craft.

Personally, we are great fans of Panera Bread cafes. Not only are their breads fresh and sandwiches delicious as well as healthy, they also provide free wifi hot-spots at every location that we have visited. Thus we did not miss any news or email while having a healthy breakfast or lunch in any of their trendily decorated cafes.

Now for the sweet part. They have a club card which has 7 circles printed on it. Each time we buy a sandwich one circle gets stamped by the salesperson at the register. Once all seven circles are filled the next sandwich is FREE - yep FREE! Surprisingly we have not seen any of their cafe locations advertising about this card. As a result not many people are aware of this promotion, not even the regulars at Panera Bread! So we thought that we would share this valuable piece of information with all of our readers.

If one visits their cafe twice a week then every fourth week a sandwich is free. That gives a person 13 FREE sandwiches in a year. Assuming each sandwich is approximately $7 (with tax), it leads to a total of $91 of annual savings. Hey every dollar counts doesn't it?

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