FREE 411 Service via 1-800-FREE-411

FREE 411 Service

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July 21, 2009: Often when we have no access to the internet and we need to look up a business we dial 411 on our cell phones. Most cell phone providers charge their customers for 411 calls. But now we can call 411 FREE!

Thanks to services provided by 1-800-FREE-411.

1-800-FREE-411 offers the same 411 service that we get through our cell phones' 411 but it adds a fifteen second advertisement after we request a phone number and before we are given the results. Consumers do not seem to mind the advertisement since it saves them their precious dollars charged for each 411 call by their cell phone service providers. However, in many cases users are given the opportunity to go to an advertiser instead of their requested phone number. For example, if we request a number for a local mattress seller, we may be asked if we would rather try 1-800-Mattress with a discount coupon instead.

Action: We saved the number 1-800-FREE-411 (1-800-3733-411) on our cell phones to have it at our finger tips during our times of need. You may do the same to save your hard earned dollars for better use elsewhere. Enjoy!

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