Sharebuilder's Current $90 Bonus And Promotion Codes!

Update: The current version of Sharebuilder & Costco bonuses is here.

Sharebuilder is offering a sign-up bonus of a $90 cash card for Costco Executive Members and $70 for Costco Gold and Business Members.


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  • Expires: Offer ends 12/31/06 and you must complete your first stock purchase by 5/31/07.
  • Bonus Details.
    • You will be eligible to receive a $90 Costco Cash Card (for Executive Members) or a $70 Costco Cash Card (for Gold Star and Business Members) when your Costco membership number has been entered in the ShareBuilder account set-up process and verified.
    • You will receive a Costco Cash Card mailed to the address on your ShareBuilder account approximately 6-8 weeks after your first stock purchase.
  • Quarterly REBATEs:
    • Costco members who make at least one automatic transaction or subscribe to either the Standard or Advantage Investing Program each month during a calendar quarter (starting with the first month of a calendar quarter) will receive a rebate on all automatic transaction and subscription fees for that calendar quarter.
    • The rebate will be credited to their ShareBuilder account within 4 to 6 weeks of the end of the calendar quarter and is paid on a quarterly basis.
    • Qualifying Costco Executive Members will receive a 25% rebate and qualifying Costco Business and Gold Star Members will receive a 10% rebate.
    • Rebate excludes Real-time Trades (rebate is paid only on recurring $4 transaction fees or $12 and $20 subscription fees).
  • No account minimums.
  • Validity: Offer valid with all ShareBuilder account types.
  • Limits: One per unique customer or custodial beneficiary.

In case you do not have a Costco membership and want to get a new Costco membership you can get a $10 Costco cash card with your new membership.

Else (i.e. without the Costco Membership too) you can open a Sharebuilder Investment Account, and still get a $50 sign-up bonus. Please remember to enter one of the following promotion codes in a place or box when you are asked to do so during the account opening process:

    • ENTERTAIN50 - Expires: 01/15/07
    • ENTHOLIDAY - Expires: 01/15/07
    • GIFTSTOCK06 - Expires: 01/15/07
    • STBANKGIFT06 - Expires: 01/15/07
    • HIGHER50 - Expires: 12/31/06
    • OBHOME50 - Expires: 12/31/06
    • SHARE50 - Expires: 12/31/06
    • CAMPUS50 - Expires: 12/31/06 - [ Offers a $50 Gift Barnes and Noble Gift Card ]

How to collect the sign-up bonus when you do not want to use Sharebuilder as your regular broker?

If you do not want to use Sharebuilder as your regular broker but are interested in collecting the above bonuses, then you can open an account with $5. Purchase a stock with $1 and pay $4 as the transaction fees. Once you get your bonus transfer it online ( do not wire else you will have to pay extra fees for it) to your linked checking account and you are done!

Leave the $1 stock in your account forever since there are no minimum balances to be maintained for the account. If you try to close your account, you need to sell the stock. For that you have to pay a real time trading fees of $12 to $16 depending on the type of account you have opened. This is not worth it since it will eat into your $50 bonus. Moreso considering the fact that you have already spent $4 in fees to buy the stock.

Want an extra $20 bonus from this Sharebuilder deal?

Ebates is offering a $20 cash back for signing up with Sharebuilder. For those of you who are new to ebates, you may choose to request us for a referral and that will give you another extra $5. Click on this Ebates $20 bonus link to go onto Sharebuilder's website.

Experience: We have already earned our bonuses from Sharebuilder and our experience with them has been pretty good.

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