Miscellaneous - Five Things You May Not Know About FIRE Finance!

There is a tagging game going on in the Personal Finance blogosphere. It is really fun and we have been enjoying it a lot. It adds a personal charm to the indifferent world of finance and money.

We have been tagged by Andy from Moneywalks to reveal five things about us. This post is not related to personal finance so you can skip it. But if you feel like playing along then enjoy the following five tidbits about us:
  1. In last three summers completed three road cum air trips spanning entire US from the west to the east coast.
  2. Love to raise funds for charity and lend out a helping hand to aid our fellow souls who are in dire need.
  3. Avid fans of Mother Nature and Environment Protection.
  4. Graduated from some of the best universities of the world.
  5. Debt Free by God's grace and mercy.
We continue the game and tag Dennis at YoungMoneyBlog, Positive NetWorth at Posnt, Dawn at FrugalForLife, Andy at BankBonuses and Yan at ProBargainHunter.