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To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, USPS has produced a new set of spectacular stamps based on Star Wars. It is time for the Star War fans get ready to collect the brand new series. Hey guys, look, the USPS Jedi Master is asking for your votes. The battle for supremacy has come to our galaxy. Do you want the rebel alliance or the galactic empire?

We love the fact that USPS has redesigned their entire home page based on the Star War theme, complete with the Jedi Warriors, the sweepstakes, exclusive desktops and a preview of the stamps for 2007. Check them out!

USPS Postage StampNow for the price hike. From May 14 the USPS Domestic Rates are going up. First Class Mail is going to start at 41cents (an increase of 2 cents from the current 39 cents). We have a wad of 39 cents stamps. Before May 14 comes up, we have to get a roll of 2 cents stamps for use with our old stamps worth 39 cents.

USPS Postage StampOh wait! If we don't want the ugly looking 2 cents stamp beside our 39 cents stamp, we can purchase the USPS Forever stamps. These stamps are a new consumer innovation from USPS. They will go on sale from April 12 for 41 cents. You can begin using the stamp when the postage price changes on May 14. To quote USPS:

"Who said nothing lasts forever?" remarked Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer John E. Potter in unveiling the image at the National Postal Forum. "The Forever stamp is a consumer innovation guaranteed to deliver unprecedented convenience and value to our customers. It's good forever."

Potter said the Liberty Bell was selected because it resonates as one of the nation's most prominent and recognizable symbols associated with American independence.

Research has shown that customers prefer the Forever stamp for the convenience it offers by easing the transition for mailing letters when prices change. When postage changes in the future, it will reduce the need to buy one- and two-cent stamps.

Once prices change May 14, the Forever stamp will remain on sale at the 41-cent First-Class one-ounce letter price until the next price change. The Forever stamp will then be available at the new price.

An interesting point to note is that the hike of 2cents for First Class Mail is a little over 5%. If we take the inflation as 4%, USPS is collecting 1% extra money from us. What do you think about this issue?

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