Carnival of Credit Card #8

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Life moves on, so does a Carnival! We enjoyed it last week at Credit Card Lowdown; for the next seven days our blog FIREFinance has the honor of hosting it and then again it will move on to wherever destiny takes it.

Aloha and welcome dear visitors to our blog replete with real life experiences, practical tips, useful and timely posts related to personal finance and retirement planning. It does not end here, there is much more to explore. May we suggest you to browse through the various categories of articles at your own sweet pace and discover your most appealing treasures! In particular our suggestion would be to take a peek at our mission, retirement and investing philosophies to get a feel about who we are. The sole intention behind setting up this blog was to share our personal experiences and wisdom with fellow souls so that they could benefit from our learning process.

Back to the Carnival which awaits us with its repertoire of surprises. Let us check them out - shall we?

Matthew Paulson cautions us that a Late Library Book or an Unpaid Parking Ticket may cause dents to Our Credit Score. Well, as for us, we believe honesty is the best policy. So we try do promptly settle all our dues. Even better, we try to avoid such situations. Why? Prevention is always better than the cure.

Getting to Graduation advises against Borrowing Money to Improve Our Credit Score. It is equivalent to paying a fee for improving your credit score! If we are patient and diligent in creating wealth, credit score would automatically improve as a by-product.

Amy Pedersen tells us that Credit Score and Credit History Have a Deep Connection. Well in this age of information technology the connection is going to be ever deeper, wider and longer. Might be someday our credit scores will make their way across the oceans to Europe and Asia! What are your views about a global credit score?

Golbguru presents Citibank Changes Credit Card Terms - Removes Upper Limit For Balance Transfer Transaction Fees. All ye savvy free money hunters - watch out for this one and do a little math before you jump in. Incidentally we covered this ground last Sunday!

Prince of Thrift says it takes 70% Attitude, 30% Hard Work to succeed in life. Very well said Prince! That which comes easy disappears quickly as well.

Bryan C. Fleming presents How to Drive a Mercedes Benz instead of a Hyundai. Hmm....nnn you decide on this one! Certainly do the math before you buy it.

Silicon Valley Blogger does a good job on nailing down The Only 3 Reasons Why People Go Bankrupt. Do read the comments as well.

Mr Credit Card narrates a personal experience with Amex Platinum Concierge service. Where are all the competent people?

Azmi Mufti writes about Why Choose Rewards Credit Cards.

Nickel gives the good news that the Amex $150 Signup Bonus may Still be Alive.

Rebecca Newburn announces that Suze Orman Supports Financial Literacy for Women. Just a few days ago we were having an interesting conversation among ourselves. We realized that three most important skills that are not taught at high schools are: how to live in harmony with nature, art of effective communication and managing personal finances with discrimination. No wonder Financial Literacy has been identified as a topic for this century!

OhCash talks about Things To Consider When Consolidating Debt. Sure thing, much before bankruptcy looms large we should give debt consolidation a serious thought.

Yan asks us to Tune up our credit cards!. This post talks about a unique and handy tool. It is worth a try. We played with it and found some interesting results that were contrary to our expectations.

Jim presents Chase Freedom Rewards Card Review.

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That concludes this instance of the Carnival. Our sincere thanks to all the authors for their contributions and to our audience for spending their time in making this Carnival a success. Thanks to Sagar for giving us the opportunity to host this nice carnival.

Fellow bloggers may submit their articles to the next edition of carnival of credit card using this carnival submission form. With that we bid adieu :).

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