Fly Now - Northwest Airlines Offers Low Price Flight Change

Good news!
This is a breaking news! We received an email from Northwest Airlines about this new discounted offer. It is really worth sharing with all.

What is the problem?
Needless to say, these days most savvy travelers surf the Internet at various sites and book e-tickets at very competitive prices. But the catch is - an e-ticket is non-refundable. What about making a flight change? Yes, possible. In most cases it can only be done over the phone or in-person at a ticketing center. Of course it incurs a hefty fee ranging anywhere from $100 to $200. We have paid such fees several times in the past few years. We travel a lot during the summer months. Our journey involves about 10 different places situated all over the US. Several times due to miscellaneous reasons such as being unwell, getting caught in traffic, accident on the way - we have missed our flights. Since these were no faults of the airlines they were not required to accommodate us in subsequent flights, but as a courtesy they did. However each instance it did cost us more than $100 per ticket!

A solution by NWA
They have introduced a new option called FlyNow, which allows customers to confirm an alternate domestic flight for $25 only. We can confirm an alternate, qualifying domestic flight operating anytime on the same day as our ticketed flight. This reasonably priced offer would definitely provide travelers with a lot more flexibility regarding their travel plans. The peace of mind that comes with it is priceless! Especially a family with kids can benefit a lot from this deal.

From the website of Northwest Airlines
  • Northwest Airlines' FlyNow option allows customers to confirm an alternate, qualifying domestic flight operating anytime during the day of departure for $25.
  • This added Northwest convenience is a reasonably priced alternative to standing by for another flight. FlyNow provides you with more options, greater control and the comfort of knowing that you are confirmed on your new desired flight.
  • The FlyNow option is available to customers checking in on the day of departure at or at a Self-service Check-in Kiosk for flights with the continental United States, Alaska and to/from Canada.

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