Carnival of Money Stories #9

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this delightful edition of Carnival of Money Stories. Greetings to the entourage arriving here from the previous venue. Please take a look around FIRE Finance and enjoy your sojourn. There are many useful articles strewn around for your perusal. Please feel free to use whatever caters to your needs.

The Carnival of Money Stories is about personal experiences on saving, investing, finance, money management, business ventures, tales of struggle and success stories. We love to hear about how you handle your financial challenges as well as your opinions on money and personal finance stories that you come across.

Now the fun starts. Bon Voyage to all through this beautiful unfolding of the Money Stories.

OhCash encourages all businesses and individuals alike, to use the web effectively and share their brand story. As pointed out in the article, most of us are not aware of the potential.

Tushar Mathur points out that Credit Cards Offer Better Protections Than Debit Cards. We seldom use a debit card; why lose those miles and cashback points available with credit cards?

Jon takes us briefly back in time for the US money and mint story. If you are planning to visit DC in summer, check this out!

Rich puts forward his theory that "money always loves more money" in Sleeping with Money: I want that silver spoon!. Do you agree?

scripts a funny Online Savings Account Conversation.

This one is a great read for everyone. One who is smart learns from other people's mistakes. Pushpa Sathish details lessons learned in 15 Financial Lessons from the Demise of Anna Nicole Smith (Yes, I’m Serious).

Priya Jestin ponders what are the 10 Biggest Mistakes Made by Poor People That Will Keep Them Poor. We agree to most but not all of them. Good thinking though.

To all the experts in frugality, read this and find out if you knew all 101 Ways to Save One Dollar a Week compiled by Jim.

The Frugalist presents All About the Visa GreenCard: RePay Your Carbon Emissions. At lease someone is concerned about the planet and taking some steps to keep the environment clean.

Mr Credit Card was successful in getting Amex to Remove Late Fees and Finance Charges. Simple and sweet :)

Paul shares his concern and strategy in Retiring with a mortgage. Are you in a similar situation and thinking along the same lines?

Abdulrasool Sumar jots down a pretty detailed list of 10 Crucial Debt Reduction Mistakes.

presents their personal Goals of retirement.

Silicon Valley Blogger posts about The Fanciest and Most Valuable Easter Eggs in the World. Though it is slightly off topic, we included it since Easter just went by and the pictures are lovely!

Lazy Man and Money narrates how they were lucky to have found good Wine as a Frugal Gift. Well, lucky and lazy - hmmm a very rare combination :)

Tracy Coenen uncovers Victims speak out against Usana. Were you duped as well? Beware there are other similar schemes as well - stay away from them.

So, what is your story? We would like to invite you to share it with us all by submitting your article to the next edition of Carnival of Money Stories scheduled at Young and Broke on 30th April.

Time to bid farewell has arrived. We are grateful to all the avid readers for their continued support without which any carnival would not be so much fun. Our heartfelt thanks to Andy for giving us an opportunity to serve as a host and the authors who have shared their wisdom with the personal finance blogosphere. Adieu till we meet again!

Note: Before you leave here are some statistics. There were 29 submissions in all. We did a quick search and found that 11 of them had already been published at other carnivals and festivals. Since it was past midnight we felt that it was not appropriate to email the corresponding authors for a different submission. Perhaps next time we will get started a day early so that we can contact the authors for an unpublished post whilst time is on our hands. There were a couple of submissions from one blog, we have taken the liberty to publish the earliest one. Posts completely off topic have not been published. We hope that you are not saddened if your post has not been published in this carnival, but would understand our need to stay on course with the theme of the carnival.

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