Got $100 Sign-Up Bonus From Sony Rewards Visa Credit Card!

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In February this year we came across a $100 sign-up bonus deal from Sony's Rewards Visa Credit Card. Sony is offering this credit card through Chase. We went ahead and signed-up for it this month. Here are the steps we followed to earn the $100 bonus:
  1. Apply (online) for the credit card.
  2. The approval decision for the credit card is instantaneous.
  3. Note the temporary credit card number, expiry date and security code once you are approved. This data will be needed for the purchase to be made at Sony online and is good for one purchase only.
  4. Go to Sony online and purchase one of the lowest priced wares. The goal is to preserve as much of the $100 bonus as we can. We purchased a pair of Sony Head phones for $5.99 + taxes (shipping was FREE).
  5. On the other hand if you have a wish list of purchases to be made at Sony Online then this is a good time to use up the $100 sign-up bonus, earn 5 sony reward points for each $1 spent at Sony Style and avail the FREE Shipping.
  6. The head phones and the credit card arrived within a week of our application, approval and purchase.
  7. This week we paid our first bill online. And within 4 days of our bill payment we received a credit of $100 into our account!
We had applied for a couple of credit cards with Sony. This gave us $200 in sign-up bonuses. If we subtract the cost of the wares purchased at Sony Style we made a tidy sum of $200 - $13 = $187. Sweet deal from Sony!

We are looking forward to hear how your experience went with this sign-up bonus from Sony. Please note that this deal expires on 31st May, 2007.

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