FIRE Finance Is Going To Host The 101st Edition Of Carnival Of Personal Finance!

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We joyfully announce that we are going to host the prestigious Carnival of Personal Finance next week i.e. on 21st May. Last week COPF celebrated its 100th edition! This is one of the biggest carnivals in the personal finance blogosphere and reaches out to a large audience. So it might be a good idea to publish your post in this carnival!

The deadline is 6 pm (EST) on Sunday, 20th May. But we would request you to get in your articles as early as possible so that we can do a good job of putting together a superb carnival.

Here are some rules for for an article to be accepted at COPF:
  • The article should reflect your point of view or opinion.
  • Positive stories are more enjoyable than negative stories or rants.
  • Only one submission per weblog will be accepted.
  • The entry should fall within the broad topic of personal finance.
  • Do not submit an article which has already appeared or will appear in any other Carnival.
  • The article should be recent, having been published within the last two weeks, but preferrably in the week leading up to the Carnival.
  • As a participant it is your reponsibility to link back to the published Carnival as soon as possible.
We thank Flexo for giving us an opportunity to host this fine carnival. Looking forward towards a great weekend of personal finance stories from all of you!