ING Direct's Added Value Orange CD!

IngDirect's Added Value CD[This post is written and copyrighted by FIRE Finance (]

ING DIRECT has come up with a great deal on CDs. They have introduced "The Added Value CD". If we open an added value Orange CD for 9 months or 12 months with "new money" we are going to get higher rates! It is to be noted that new money must be from an external source and should increase our total deposit balance with ING DIRECT above our balance on 9/5/2007.

IngDirect CD RatesAs with any CD, if we decide to withdraw our deposit before the end of the term, an early withdrawal penalty will apply.

If you want to take advantage of the higher rates, login to your account, select to fund your CD from your external linked checking account and choose the term. That will see you through to higher Orange CD rates and greater savings.


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