Festival of Frugality #105 - The Holiday Edition!

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Festival of Frugality #105FIRE Finance welcomes you heartily to The Holiday Edition of the 105th Festival of Frugality. We are honored to host this year's last edition of this esteemed festival which is an ever fresh source of some great tips on frugal living and savings. For first time visitors to our blog, there are many useful articles strewn around for your perusal. A majority of these gems cover our personal experiences in investing, frugality and finance. We were inspired to share our experiences as well as learn from other fellow souls, on our journey towards Financial Independence by Retiring Early and thus this blog took birth.

Festival of Frugality #105 - The Holiday Edition!Now that our introduction is over, let's delve into the theme of this festival. The Festival of Frugality's is about sharing creative ideas on frugal living which allow us to get that extra saving while spending our hard earned dollars. Frugal living is one of the main pillars of success in personal finance. Success in frugality helps us go a long way towards leading a healthy financial life. In tandem with this vision, The Holiday Edition of this festival is divided into three main zones:
Editor's Picks

Editor's PicksKris from Cheap Healthy Good provides some great tips for saving on groceries in Frugal Grocery Shopping for City Folk.

Dianne Buxton from Manifesting Success presents a heart touching story in 12 Yr Old head of Household Helped By My Power Mall.

Jennifer Derrick from Saving Advice Blog presents The Cost of Tossing That Item.

Frugal TipsCash Money Life presents Where to Find Inexpensive Flu Shots.

Lenora Johanson from Mommy Gets PAID divulges creative ways to keep our kids engaged in Mommy I'm Bored!

Holiday Savings

Holiday SavingsSteve Faber from Debt FREE presents Holiday Gift Ideas to Save Money.

Madison from My Dollar Plan presents Ten Tips for Holiday Shopping Online.

Free Money Finance provides useful information on regifting in Is Regifting ok?

Kyle James from Coupon Finders presents 5 Frugal Ways To Save Money This Christmas.

Holiday SavingsLaura Spencer from Opinion Mom cautions us about the caveats of regifting in Frugal Fridays: To Regift or Not To Regift.

GP from Innside Montana-Your Home at the Range reveals how we can have a fun filled big holiday party in The 10 Commandments of Party Giving.

PoetLoverRebelSpy from Less Than a Shoestring presents 20 Travel Gifts Under $20.

Holiday SavingsJacob from Early Retirement Extreme presents Xmas gift giving - a survival guide.

Nina from Queercents presents WWYD: Gifts that keep on giving; the art of regifting.

Justin from The Daily Compass presents Give the Gift of Financial Planning.

Mrs. Micah presents Creating a Budget-Friendly Christmas List - 5 ways to make the holidays less expensive for your friends.

Holiday SavingsSilicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents Love Light Displays? 6 Ways To Trim Your Energy Costs, Not The Cheer.

Sharon Harvey Rosenberg from The Frugal Duchess presents Recycled Cinderella: Same Outfits, Different Holiday Balls.

Mel Rimmer from Bean-Sprouts presents Flogging A Dead Horse.

All Other Frugal Tips

All Other Frugal TipsRyan Russell from My Money Thinks shows us creative ways to curb our consumption and save on utilities in YES, it is possible to save money on utility bills!

Betsy Teutsch from Money Changes Things shares tips about keeping ourselves warm instead of heating the whole house in With the Thermostat Set to 63, These are a Few of My Favorite Things.

Lightening Online presents Reducing the Grocery Budget - Fruit and Vegetables.

Frugal TipsLiving Almost Large reflects on expenses that can be trimmed in Luxuries in my budget.

Ryan-Careonecredit from Care on Credit presents Should You Pay Off Debt or Invest in Savings?

paidtwice from I've Paid For This Twice Already... presents Finding the Balance Between Frugality and Comfort.

Lynnae from Being Frugal reflects how Thinking Outside the Box can save us tonnes of monies every year.

Frugal TipsPlonkee Money discusses about savings on our phone calls in 4 calling tips.

Ted from Campus Grotto presents Best Places to Buy and Sell Textbooks.

James from Payday Loan Cheapskate presents Payment Strategies for Getting Out of Debt.

Boomer from The Wastrel Show shares how it pays to review our plans in Annual Energy Bill Reduction.

Frugal TipsRaymond from Money Blue Book presents Top 5 Easy Ways To Save Money That Anyone Can Do.

GlblGuy from Gather Little By Little guides us to a frugal shave inMoney Saving Monday Tip#19 - A better shave for less money.

Kacie from Sense to Save presents Cooking without electricity.

Money Ning shares the benefits of public transport in Be Frugal and Use Public Transportation.

Frugal TipsFree From Broke presents Frugal Places We Shop.

The Happy Rock presents Quitting Cable - The Deed Is Done.

David from My Two Dollars presents I Just Saved $7 On My Electric Bill Without Spending A Dime.

Blaine Power presents Frugality, America's worst nightmare.

Frugal TipsKenton Newby presents Another Way to Stop Wasting Time on Mundane Tasks.

Peter25 from Finance and Saving presents How To Start Saving Money.

Terry from Savvy Frugality presents Trade Your Way To (Almost) Free Games and Movies.

Frugal TipsWilson from Reflections of a BizDrivenLife presents No Luggage, No Hand Carrys in the Final Journey of Life.

JP from Watch Me Become A Millionaire presents Being Frugal.

Jenny Rapson from Mommin' It Up! presents Confessions of a CVS Junkie.

Festival of Frugality #105That brings us to the end of the last edition of this festival for year 2007. Hope you've enjoyed it as much as we did in presenting it. Moolanomy will host the 1st edition of this festival next year. Our heartfelt appreciation to the authors and readers whose participation has made this edition a success. Now we bid adieu till we meet again next year.

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