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In October we had discussed the advantages and our experiences about a special deal from Tax Act Online which was offering a cool discount of over 20%.

Here is a brief recap of the deal:

This year TaxACT has increased the price for their Online Ultimate Bundle (e-file federal and one state) $17.95. However returning customers and early birds can save more than 20% off the above price.

With the Preview Version, you can get a head start by:
  • Importing your tax return from last year. It's easy to import last year's data since you used TaxACT Online.
  • Starting your year-end federal and state tax planning. With the State Tax Planner, you simply select Step 4 (State Q&A) and answer a few state specific questions to estimate your state taxes for the year.
  • Keeping track of charitable donations or other itemized deductions through the end of the year in the "Details" option found on every entry screen. That way, you would not forget to enter them as a deduction on your taxes when you are ready to file your return.
  • Locking in Preview pricing. Just start your TaxACT Online account today, and you will pay only 80% when you file your federal + state returns, which gives you a discount of 20%.
There is NO cost to start a TaxACT Online return. You can take advantage of all the expert tax features of the TaxACT Online Bundle and pay only when you are ready to file your taxes. There is no commitment, so it might be worthwhile to get started today.

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