FREE Download - Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009

FREE Download - Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009It is a rare event that a software giant like Microsoft gives away software free of cost. But it is true that they are giving away a cool accounting software named "MS Office Accounting Express - 2009" completely FREE!

  • License: FREE
  • System Requirements: Windows XP/2003 Server/Vista
  • CNET Editor's Rating: 4/5 - A clip from their review:
    ... Beneath the clean layout, big icons, and point-and-click interface sits a foundation of solid business features that can benefit almost any company.

    The freeware version covers most imaginable needs a small business might have for supportive software. Charge customers' credit cards or manage your bank accounts, payroll, and vendors. You can create and log invoices, quotes, cash sales, and even refunds. Beyond that, the program provides for the modern business, featuring built-in PayPal functionality, an absolute necessity for e-commerce, and a built-in connection to your Equifax profile for looking up credit profiles. There's also a letter-writing function with modifiable templates, simplifying your communication with clients and vendor."
We have downloaded this software and plan to use it for our side businesses' accounting needs. As we navigate and learn through its various features, we shall blog about it. Meanwhile we are also looking forward towards your user experience with this freebie from Microsoft.

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