Carnival of Credit Report Stories - March 3rd Edition!

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Carnival of Credit Report StoriesWe welcome you to March 3rd edition of the Carnival of Credit Report Stories. For those of you visiting us for the first time, we invite you to take a look around our site. There are many useful articles strewn about. Most of them deal with our personal experiences in investing and finance. The motivation behind setting up this site was to share our experiences as well as learn from other fellow souls, on our journey towards Financial Independence by Retiring Early.

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Back to the carnival. This carnival is about things we did not know until we checked our credit report and our actions thereafter. But most of the submissions were stories about credit cards! Nevertheless we joyfully present them for your perusal.

Carnival of Credit Report StoriesCharles H. Green from Trust Matters writes about the effect of the subprime crisis and social trust in Decaying Social Trust and Moral Indignation.

Ryan from Millionaire Money Habits ponders about "How many credit cards is too many?" in Do You Have Too Much Plastic?

Carnival of Credit Report Stories Personal Finance Claims shares How You Might Soon End Up With A Blocked Credit Card.

KCLau from KCLau's Money Tips explains the pros and cons of using a credit card in Credit Cards: From Foes to Friends.

Carnival of Credit Report StoriesJohn Crenshaw from Truthful Lending Mortgage, Refinance Advice reminisces whether or not we should pay off our mortgage or invest the extra money in Pay Off Mortgage Tips.

Money Blue Book provides us with a useful repertoire of Gas Credit Card Offers To Help Save Money.

That brings us to the end of this short carnival. The next edition of Credit Report Stories will be hosted by TheBaglady. You can submit your stories using this form. We hope you enjoyed this pithy carnival. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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