Sub Prime Mortgage Fiasco - Credit Losses So Far

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Sub Prime Mortgage Fiasco - Credit Losses So Far While doing some research on the sub prime mortgage fiasco we came across some interesting data, courtesy Bloomberg and Company. These figures show the credit losses incurred so far by various financial giants. Citigroup heads the table of losses with a gigantic $40.7 billion dollars till date. Here is the entire table:
  • Citigroup: $40.7bn
  • UBS: $38bn
  • Merrill Lynch: $31.7bn
  • HSBC: $15.6bn
  • Bank of America: $14.9bn
  • Morgan Stanley $12.6bn
  • Royal Bank of Scotland: $12bn
  • JP Morgan Chase: $9.7bn
  • Washington Mutual: $8.3bn
  • Deutsche Bank: $7.5bn
  • Wachovia: $7.3bn
  • Credit Agricole: $6.6bn
  • Credit Suisse: $6.3bn
  • Mizuho Financial $5.5bn
  • Bear Stearns: $3.2bn
  • Barclays: $3.2bn
BBC is closely following the financial effects of the sub-prime mortgage mess. To that effect they have created a time-line for the sub prime losses suffered by various financial giants along with related detailed stories. It's really interesting to watch how the story has unfolded over months and its domino effect on the financial sector. Check it out.

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