A Swanky New Look for FIRE Finance!

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A Swanky New Look for FIRE Finance!We have a double whammy for our readers :). First, we'd like to delightfully share that we've been featured in MSN's money blog "SmartSpending" once again! Karen referred to our post on various airlines' excess baggage policies in her recent article "Those pesky checked-bag policies, all in one place".

The second good news is that after months of pain staking yet loving labor, we've finally unfurled FIRE Finance with a pristine yet swanky customized Web 2.0 look. We hope that our site's new appearance and enhanced features will improve your surfing experience.

Once again we express our heartfelt gratitude to you for your loyal support which has been a perennial source of inspiration for us. We are looking forward towards your feedback regarding our site's new design and appearance. Enjoy!

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