No Water - Water Problems At Galore

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No Water - Water Problems At GaloreWe take so many things for granted in our lives when we wake up to a new day. Today God taught us a lesson in gratitude. While brushing our teeth when we turned on the tap to wash our mouths, there was no water! The story was the same for the faucets in the kitchen sink. Since we have no alternate source of water we were stranded.

We called the management team of our apartment complex and they curtly replied that their maintenance team was working on it and would let us know when things were fixed. It definitely was not a routine maintenance else they would have informed us early on. At least we expect them to do so.

So now the question is how do we get to work?

Fortunately there is a grocery store near our apartment. We purchased a few containers of drinking water to take care of our daily needs. One of us stayed back and worked from home today. The challenging part was that the toilet could not be used. It was really an awful experience.

Slowly the hours rolled on and dusk came forth, still no water! When we called the management to inquire about the proceeding a polite voice mail informed us that their working hours were over and we should leave message at extension xxxx!

In desperation we turned to prayer since renting a hotel room for the night was simply not an option. By God's grace the water supply was restored before dinner time. And finally we could use our toilet and cook some food :).

No Water - Water Problems At GaloreBlue Planet Run - Africa: 40 billion hours are spent each year due to the need to collect and haul water

Countless fellow souls across the world have to scour for water every day for meeting their basic daily needs. We thank the Almighty for providing us with running water (hot and cold) for our needs which might seem to be a pipe dream for many living in the developing nations across the globe.

Now onwards we will always be grateful for the water that flows out of our apartment's taps whenever we need it. In a way it is one of the many blessings of living in America which we often overlook in the daily rush of making a living.

What are your thoughts about handling a water shortage should you meet one? Please drop a line.

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