Our Goals for 2012 - A Picture Essay

Dec 31, 2011: As 2011 goes out the door into the archives of the past, we welcome 2012 with a picture essay of our goals focused on having fun, learning, loving and more .........

2008 is going to finish
2011 is going to finish - Go Baby Go - You're nearly there!

Face 2009
Oops! Now we need to face 2012.

Risks Involved
Boy! There may be risks involved.

Road Blocks
We may face roadblocks.

Stay Alert
It always pays to stay alert.

Share time with friends
Who has seen tomorrow! Today we'll spend time with friends.

Jump Over Obstacles
And jump over obstacles ...

With Care
and cross them with care ...

and keep moving forward with caution.

Pooh! Who's scared of challenges?

Everday we'll laugh ...

and cooperate ...

and discover ...

Make New Friends
and make new friends!

And we'll be ready for adventure ...

Stick Together
and stick together.

Go Far
We'll go far ...

Very Far
and then very far ...

Not That Far
and ... Well not that far away!

Smell Flowers
Every day we'll take time to smell the flowers ...

and relax ...

Quiet Moment
and enjoy a quiet loving moment with each other.

How do you plan to enjoy life and its simple pleasures in 2012? We are looking forward towards hearing your feedback, please do drop a comment. Hope you liked the kitties. We love them :).

Image Source(s): A personal friend.

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