World's Largest Ice Santa Claus

Dec 27, 2011: Harbin, the freezing capital city of Heilongjiang province in north China and located on the edge of Siberia has built the world's largest Santa Claus ice sculpture. This sculpture was the star attraction of the ice festival which was expected to attract an estimated 800,000 tourists, 90 per cent of them Chinese. The enormous Santa with a flowing beard and hat is 160 meters long and 24 meters high!

Largest Ice Santa Claus

Largest Ice Santa Claus

Largest Ice Santa Claus
In the same spirit, here are some more huge Santas made with different mediums like sand, metal and hot air from across the world.

Large Sand Santa
A 7.57 meter tall sand sculpture of Santa Claus, created by Indian artist Sudarsan Pattnaik sits at the Golden Beach in Puri, India.

Hammering Man Santa
In Seoul, South Korea, the 22 meter high statue, Hammering Man, was dressed in Santa Claus outfits to celebrate Christmas.

Hot air balloon Santa
This is a 60 meter high hot-air balloon Santa Claus in the village of Samnaun in the eastern Swiss Alps.

And finally a real Santa ....

Santa on a sleigh
A man dressed as Santa Claus rides his sleigh in northern Finland.

Hope you enjoyed Santa in different forms. Wish you a wonderful new year ahead :).

Image Source(s): Associated Press

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