Jobs Change But Dreams Don't

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Jobs Change But Dreams Don'tToday we have some good and bad news to share with our readers. We'll present the good news first since positive vibes set a better tone for our minds. We have been set free to design and pursue a means of lifestyle which would rid us of the nine to five shackles. For us, the present is filled with infinite possibilities :).

Now the bad news. We got laid off since our company downsized to keep up with a falling economy. That means complete annihilation of our monthly salary. But since we had an emergency fund in place we have got some time to decide how we want to design our lives from here onwards.

This week was an extremely stressful one for us. One of our dear uncles who was in perfect health passed away all of a sudden last Monday. He had recently retired and was looking forward towards his golden years. But life cheated on him. He could not even get started on his golden years! This drives home the fact that we need enjoy life NOW instead of postponing it for the future. Retiring early will help us to enjoy life while we have some health left.

Then we got laid off :(. But all is not lost. We went for a long drive to ease the stress. And our eyes caught these words on a huge billboard "Jobs Change but Dreams Don't ....."

At present we are going to spend some time in setting our dreams and priorities in order. Kindly let us know how you handled your finances and life when you were handed a pink slip. We know it's not a pleasant experience to go through, but it helps to hear from our online friends who have already faced it. Looking forwards to learn from your feedback. Thanks in advance and enjoy your weekend :).

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