FREE Google Business Cards - New Mantra for Success?

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Business Cards play an important role in conveying what a business is about and most importantly connecting with people. The Internet along with e-commerce has changed the business world for the better. Slowly the world is becoming one connected market accessible with a click of the mouse.

In this canvas, Google is one of the most remarkable and powerful companies. It has set trends by creating innovative ways of connecting businesses with their niche clientele. As a result businesses are also orienting their identities around Google's search engine and how people can reach them through it. Now a days, some business have taken this concept to the next level by designing their business cards around Google's Search Engine.

A Dallas based company that offers printing services has designed a unique Google based business card that is bound to catch your attention. It has Google's Search Box along with the query "Dallas Printer." It's obvious that the company ranks no. 1 in Google's Search for that query.

Google Business Cards - New Mantra for Success?
Image Source: Scary Ideas

Currently Google is offering 250,000 FREE business cards in the US to promote Google's public profile pages.
We are giving away 10,000 sets of 25 Google profile business cards totally free. Have a little fun and show off your profile. The offer is only available in the continental U.S., and Google says the cards should arrive within 10-12 days.
Google's business cards include a search box pre-filled with your name and a link to your profile page. If your Google public profile is searchable, it will be included at the bottom of the search results page for your name. Here is an example of how your Google Business may look.

FREE Google Business Cards
Image Source: Flickr - SimpleRich

For more creative ideas on how to design an effective business card, check out Robert Scoble's great article "Business card best practices" which is based on his experimenting with over 1000 business cards that he has used in his career so far.

Are you aware of any creative ideas for business cards? How did they work out for your career? Kindly leave a comment so that our readers may benefit from your experience. Thanks in advance for sharing :).

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