Top 100 Money Saving Sites

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Save MoneyLiz P Weston has put together a very informative and useful list of 100 sites that will save us money. Along with sites that save us money, it also covers those that will help us to:
  • spend in savvy manner
  • conduct smart bargain hunting
  • save money on groceries
  • get hold of useful coupons
  • do comparison shopping
  • save and invest intelligently
  • find creative ways to pay for college
  • manage our credit
  • understand real estate and mortgages
  • find free government help
  • understand the game of insurance
  • repair stuff by doing it yourself (DIY)
  • plan our travel without busting our budgets
  • improve our productivity and careers
  • find free entertainment
  • generously give in charity
  • find freebies
  • swap stuff and
  • look up free tech stuff.
Check out this useful list as well as the comments where people have added links to cite their own favorites which were left out from Liz's 100 money saving sites.

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