Top 20 Online Entrepreneur Blogs

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Online EntrepreneurWhether our country's economy is booming or in recession, it always pays to build a side business even if it's on a part time basis. The main investments needed are interest, sweat, intelligence and some money currency.

With the advent of the Internet and e-Commerce, online entreprenuership has become an attractive option for those who have an entreprenuer bent of mind. The internet has opened up a world of commerce which is accessible with a simple click of a mouse from the comfort of our homes. With easy availability of broadband access in the developed countries, it makes more sense to invest our energies in building an online business. And as our online business expands we can consider making it our full time profession and quit our day time jobs. Slowly we can even consider become Location Independent Professionals (LIP). That will give us the supreme freedom of making a livelihood from anywhere in the world at our own pace and time. It also enables us to unleash our creativity without any bounds. Best of all we will be our own bosses :).

To that end it is important to educate ourselves about online entrepreneurship and how to go about it. It's a challenging field which is ever changing. Freelance Folder has put forth a good list of top 20 online entreprenuer blogs. This list provides 20 thought-provoking, and potentially lucrative sources of information which are run by successful online entrepreneurs and web companies. Check it out to add some good resources to your daily reading list :).

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