Online Check Deposits with Everbank

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Everbank has introduced online check deposit for its personal banking customers. Now there is no need to wait to deposit a check at an ATM or through the mail when we can conveniently do so 24/7 from our home using a computer and desktop scanner.

Also, online check deposits means quicker access to our funds and additional savings in time and fuel traveling back and forth to the bank or post office for mailing a check. All we need is a computer, a desktop scanner and internet access. This is great news for personal bankers specially for people like us who would like to stay home in bad weather.

There is one condition, we need to be existing Everbank customers to avail this facility. If you don't have an Everbank account, consider getting one - EverBank® FreeNet Checking Account or EverBank® Yield Pledge(SM) Money Market Account.

Both these accounts offer high interest rates up to 1.51% APY. They are FREE of monthly fees with a minimum balance of $1500 for the FreeNet Checking Account and $5000 for the Yield MMA.

We have been banking with Everbank for the past six years and they have not given us a reason to complain :). Wish you happy banking and enjoy your online check deposits!

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