Blogging - Quick Tip on Blog Editors

Writing blog posts takes time and effort. If we have a good blogging editor, it makes the job easy and posting faster. Here are a few great blog editors that we have used:
  • WB Editor: WB Editor is the desktop blogging tool that provides a host of cool features.
  • VlogIt: Add video to your blog in seconds. Use photos, video clips, or record live from a Webcam or camcorder into your PC. It even includes a newscaster-style teleprompter for narration.
  • Qumana: It is a blog editor that publishes to every blog platform in little more than few clicks. You can also embed Adgenta ads using this editor.
  • W.bloggar: It is a Post and Template editor, with several features and resources that the browser based blog editors do not offer.

Please leave comments about other editors / publishing tools that have helped you to blog faster.