Experiences - FNB's Visa Credit Card Deal Pays $50!

[This post is written and copyrighted by FIRE Finance (http://firefinance.blogspot.com).]

We had received this deal by USPS Mail (snail mail). First National Bank (FNB) was offering a 0 % APY Visa Credit Card with a sign-up bonus of $50 and a 1% cash back bonus. Though we were in the middle of our move at that time, we decided to go ahead and open a Visa Credit Card with FNB. After our first purchase we received 6000 bonus points in our rewards account. We ordered a $50 Shell Gas card with our bonus points. The gas card arrived in a couple of weeks after we placed the order (online).

Since we live close to our offices, the gas card is going to take care of a month's worth gas expenses. That is really cool and we thank FNB for their great deal. Also FNB's smooth processing and its online access to the credit card account are great pluses towards the goal of earning a streamlined and worry-free sign-up bonus.

Sometimes it pays to read the junk mail sent by USPS. But since FNB has gone online with the deal, our readers can avail the DEAL HERE. We hope it helps our readers with some extra cash for holiday purchases.

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