FREE TAXCUT - Do Your Taxes For FREE!

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HRBlock along with Travelocity is offering the TAX CUT Premium Package FREE! Too good to be true, but it actually is!

  • Link
  • Software can be downloaded for FREE from the above link. Works with Windows or Mac.
  • FREE inclusion of H&R Block Deduction Pro.
  • Does all the important tasks from 1040EZ to Schedule C & Investments
  • Quick and Easy imports of last year's tax and financial data from Turbo Tax, MS Money, H&R Block Deduction Pro and its Deductible.
  • When you e-file this package includes Worry-free Audit Support.
We are pretty impressed with this deal. Wanting to check its authenticity we downloaded the software and are using it to check our tax filings for this year. Its a good package and so far it has not given us any reason to complain. Best of all it is FREE!

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