DTCC Presents The Powerful Finance Blogosphere!

Simon of DebtConsolidationCare has created a magazine for personal finance bloggers from "The Bloghunt". The first edition has been titled as "The Powerful Finance Blogosphere". FIRE Finance has been listed at number 4 under "Good Finance Blogs".

We quote Simon's to the question "Why this Blog Magazine?"

Simon"The growing importance of finance related blogs is undisputed. According to sources, there are thousands of financial Blogs in Blogosphere but the majority of them are unaware of each other’s existence. Blog magazine is an effort to bring all the Financial Bloggers together on a single platform and introduce them to the Finance Community.

With Blog Magazine, different bloggers will get a dais to interact with each other and share the knowledge. Thus, in a way blog magazine is an honest attempt from our part to create knowledge sharing culture. The magazine will be a snapshot of the thoughts and views of different bloggers from the financial arena.

Our panel of experts has discovered 20 top financial Bloggers. Each of the blogger with his or her expertise has helped many financially burdened people."

We are grateful to Simon for having considered us worthy of receiving a mention in The BlogHunt as well as the first edition of his magazine. Our heartfelt good wishes are with him to keep the magazine going and uniting the personal finance bloggers through it.