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Debt Consolidation CareOne evening we were going through our sitemeter logs when we found a visitor from a new url. Curious to see what it was about we landed up on a website named "DebtConsolidationCare" henceforth referred to as DCC. What caught our attention and made us explore further was this statement "Internet's first get-out-of-debt community 89845 members."

We thought to ourselves that an online community of around 90k members is huge. So there must be something useful at this site else why are folks signing up? On digging further we found a huge repertoire of useful articles on debt counseling and reduction, loans, credit rating, debt management, settlement and freedom, scam alert, smart shopping and more. They also have a separate section for student debt consolidation.

Being tech savvy, we were on the lookout for tools for managing debt and sure enough they had a handful of useful calculators for APR, Debt Income Ratio, Credit Card Payment, Debt Reduction, Unsecured Loan and Debt Consolidation.

Another useful aspect of this site is that it has a huge forum where users actively discuss their debts and how they are working to get out of it. This community support is great for someone looking for a place to get started on debt clearance. In addition to posting our queries online, we can also chat with community members.

But the core of the site is based on its counseling services for consolidating our debts . For those of us who want to consolidate our debts by ourselves they have put together a nice DIY kit. They also offer FREE consultation with a credit counselor to asses the current state of our debts.

In the next step if we want professional help for clearing debts they set up us with a counselor who is their member. They have listed and ranked companies providing counseling services from US, Cananda and UK.

Registration at DCC is FREE. If we choose to go for professional counseling they help us find the right consultant. After that we have to pay a fee to the counselor depending on their fee structure. There are various types of consultants:
  • some may not charge you anything
  • others may charge you a small monthly fee
  • while there are some working for non profit organizations who would request you to make a voluntary contribution
In a nutshell, this site's business model is based on Better Business Bureau (BBB). They charge the credit counselors a membership fee. This helps DCC to offer their services FREE to the consumers. However, it is to be noted here that their services are free till we sign up with for professional counseling. From there on we deal directly with our consultant based on the above mentioned fee structure.

DCC is a web portal for debt consolidation and elimination. They have a good collection of useful articles, a large active forum and a network of professionals to help people who want to get out of debt. Quantcast and Compete figures show that nearly 100,000 people visit them every month!

For those of us who are first timers at DCC, it might help to check out their various articles, DIY debt elimination kits and get a feel of their forums. However before using a professional services please check out these posts from Trent (of TheSimpleDollar fame), who is one of our favorite personal finance bloggers.
We are looking forward towards hearing your experiences with

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