FREE BlackBerry Pearls courtesy United!

FREE Black Berry Pearls[This post is written and copyrighted by FIRE Finance (]

United Mileage Plus Wireless is offering an exclusive limited time offer to its members, "FREE Black Berry Pearls." For those of you who are new to a Black Berry: It is a super-slim, ultra-light instrument that claims to keep you productive and entertained with features like its powerful email client, 1.3 Megapixel camera, MP3 music player and Bluetooth capabilities. In short, it is a wireless email solution for mobile professionals.

In this world of give and take, the word FREE also comes with some hidden tags. So let us delve into this deal to explore it.
  • The Black Berry Pearl is indeed FREE after instant discount and rebate, with a new account from AT&T and other major carriers.
  • And there is another freebie with it. You get 5000 United miles for every new rate plan activated.
  • To get these pearls you may follow this link or call 888-843-0488.
This seems like a good deal since the Black Berry is FREE. However, before signing up for a new plan, it would pay to check how long the lock in period is, the monthly cost of the plan, any other hidden fees and the penalty for breaking the contract. In a nutshell go over the fine print carefully. We wish you a nice time with the Black Pearls!

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