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Today we helped one of our friends shop online for coffee and in the process discovered a fantastic deal. These days caffeine has become so vital that we shudder to think about a life without it. Our day starts with it. Pressing assignments are seen through with mugs of coffee on our desks. We could go on and on about caffeine, latte (which btw has become a cliche for savings in the personal finance world) and cappuccino.

However we could in fact save quite a lot of money by making our own coffee instead of giving away our hard earned dollars to chains like Starbucks, Seattle's Best Coffee and more. To make our own coffee we would need to buy it and that is where this started. Our friend wanted to buy some good quality coffee at an affordable price. So we began our search and found a great promotion going on for Halloween by Boca Java Coffee.

What do we get?
  • Details of the deal
  • Four 8 oz. Bags (total 32 oz i.e. 2 lbs) of Fresh Roasted-to-Order Gourmet Coffee: 2 Tropical Tricks & Treats, 2 Pumpkin Paradise (Save 30%).
  • FREE Fun Halloween Mug to Enjoy Your Gourmet Coffee
  • FREE Tin of Pumpkin Spice Cookies
  • All for $19.95 + S&H
Boca Java claims that the coffee that we order today will be roasted for us tomorrow. They use only the best beans - the top 2% in the world. Also they carry more than 30 blends and flavors of gourmet coffee that tastes as good as it smells. We hope this deal is useful to you as it was to us. Good Luck!

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