Festival of Frugality #96 - The FIRE Edition!

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WELCOMEA warm heartfelt welcome to the 96th FIRE Edition of the Festival of Frugality. Pull up a chair, get your drink and relax with this nice offering of frugal stories. For those of you who are visiting us for the first time, we request you to take your time and look around. There are many useful articles strewn around. Most of them deal with our personal experiences in investing, frugality and finance. The motivation behind setting up this site was to share our experiences as well as learn from other fellow souls, on our journey towards Financial Independence by Retiring Early.

The Festival of Frugality broadly deals with stories in the domain of frugality. In an effort to adhere to the theme and easy scanning we have presented the festival in various sections. We began with "Editor's Picks" that has some fine frugal stories from various aspects of our lives. The rest of the festival is divided into stories falling into sections like Auto, Family & Home, Health, Shopping, Travel and Wisdom. So lets get rolling and start our journey replete with fun, surprise and learning.

Kris from Cheap Healthy Good provides some great humor and healthy tips in 11 Things Dwight K. Schrute Has Taught Me About Food and Frugality.

Mel Rimmer from Bean-Sprouts teaches us an inexpensive way to make great comfy Bean Bags at home. The best part is that these bean bags are a great drugless way of relieving body aches.

PoetLoverRebelSpy from Less Than a Shoestring showcases a recipe for frugal travel Comparing Foreign Websites for Deals.

David from My Two Dollars provides simple and sound advice in Ten Ways Living Simply Can Save You Money.

Juice Fairy from a A Girl Living on a Budget shares an awesome personal experience that depicts 5 Little Ways to Save Money Doing a Home Project.

The Happy Rock guides us to free land in Kansas and North Dakota via 40 Acres And A Mule - Free Land Still Available In The United States.

Erin from Working For Financial Freedom demonstrates that doing it ourselves can save us hundreds of dollars in How My Scrapbooking Supplies Saved Us $262 in Car Repairs.

Millionaire Mommy Next Door shares the truth behind the advantages of renting vs owing in I Get Richer As A Renter. In general, if we are not planning to stay at a place for at least five years, renting comes out to be cheaper provided we invest our savings (from not owning a house) intelligently.

Jennifer from Diary of 1 shows us the beauty of simplicity and the resulting peace in Heart and Home of Simplicity.

Chris Kakaras brings forth a neat concept akin to paying it forward in Never Have a Car Payment.

FrugalTrader from Million Dollar Journey provides us with Money Saving Tips for Auto Insurance!


Betsy Teutsch from Money Changes Things shows that clotheslines are back (ummm almost) in Clothespin Wielding Radicals! We still remember the days when our moms hung wet clothes on a clothesline in the yard. It was great fun to run and fetch the clothes seconds before it started to rain!

Beth Dargis from My Simpler Life shares some timely tips in Simplifying Halloween.

Kimberly from My Good Cents gives us some creative ways to deal with our magazines in Magazine Madness.

Stephanie from Stop the Ride! shares Frugal Recommendations for New Parents - TT #12.

Laura Spencer from Opinion Mom discloses some neat tricks to make clothes last longer in Frugal Fridays: The Concept of “Play Clothes”.

PaidTwice from I've Paid For This Twice Already... presents her dilemma whether to buy or not to buy in “Stuff” and My Daughter’s First Birthday.

Ashley of College of Cash provides some practical tips on How to Live on Your Own for Cheap(er).

Unclaimed Money advises that Decluttering can Save and Make you Money.

Shannon Christman from Saving Advice Blog strikes a creative balance between frugality and social expenses in How to Handle Social Obligation Expenses.

The Financial Blogger shows us how having a Second Child Does Not Cost Much!

GP from Innside Montana-Your Home at the Range shares some fine tips and advice on living in harmony with nature in The Greening of Montana. Every giant leap starts with a small step.

Hustler from Hustler $$$ Blog presents Lower Your Prescription Bills. There is true hope of getting huge savings on prescription drugs for those who meet the low income requirement.

Boomie from The Wastrel Show expresses her concerns about her rising grocery and medical bills in Sky High Food and Medical Bills.

Kyle James from Rather-Be-Shopping shares some Frugal Ways To Get In Shape. Hmm, we wonder why these secrets are not shared by the Gyms!


Rocketc from Rocket Finance presents some great tips which the retailers use to fool us in Blog Post about Retail “sales“.

James from Payday Loan Cheapskate reveals Payday Loan Tips and Tricks. This one is straight from the horse's mouth. It appears to be scary but true barring a few exceptions.

Joy from Online College Blog presents a pithy list of Online MBA - Top 25 Best Buys.

Beth Ziesenis from Life on Avenue Z provides us with some great tips in Favorite Freebies from the World?s Cheapest Copywriter.

Matthew Paulson from Finance Is Personal explains why Do It Your Self Funerals R Growing in Popularity.

Moorea from Queercents offers some frugal fashion tips in Femme Economics: Femme Fashion, Frugally!

Wenchypoo from Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket cautions us about Holiday Dinner Rip-offs.

Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life teaches us to Save Money By Buying Replicas: When It’s Okay To Buy Fakes.

Mike from Clever Dude shares a great personal experience about coupon clipping in Coworkers make fun of my coupons, but….

Melissa from A Penny Closer showers professional advice in Avoiding The Block: Get The Knives You Really Need! A very practical tip indeed. We have so many knives in our block that we rarely use.

Raymond from Money Blue Book advises us to Ask Companies For Coupons and Save Money. This really works! We had written to Amy's requesting some coupons for buying their great organic dinners. They sent us dozens of coupons which saved us tens of dollars.

JvW from The Good Life On A Budget shows us the way to an enjoyable Christmas by planning ahead in My Christmas Plan.

Karen from The Thomas Institute tells us how to get our coins converted to Amazon gift certificates at Coinstar without paying the 9% fee plus earn a $10 FREE Amazon Gift Certificate in Free Money, Baby! Updated.

Terry from Savvy Frugality cites some great sources of getting coupons for our supermarket outings in Skip the Sunday Paper, Get the Ads.

Kalyn from LifeEdit helps us to differentiate between frugal and cheap food purchases in Frugal ? Cheap - Buying Better Food.

Cash Money Life shares his real life experiences in 5 Ways to Vacation Without Breaking the Bank!

Steve Madsen from Exit Row Seat gives us a new perspective in Frugal Travel - Vacationing at Home.

Lynnae from Being Frugal asks us What’s the easiest frugal thing you do?

Mr. Cheap from Quest For Four Pillars reveals a few mind tricks for Becoming Cheap.

Trent from The Simple Dollar defines frugality in How Can A Frugal Person Buy Expensive Items? A Deeper Look At Frugality.

Super Saver from My Wealth Builder helps us identify true wealth in My Wealth Paradigm. We'd better pay attention to what he says since he recently retired in his forties, so he knows the game pretty well!

That brings us to the end of the FIRE edition of frugal stories. Hope you've enjoyed it as much as we did in presenting it. If our site interests you, please extend your support by subscribing to our feed. This will help us deliver our stories to your feed reader where you can read it with pleasure in your own sweet leisure.

Please don't leave yet. If you have a great frugal tip, kindly submit it at the next edition of this festival at Natural Family Living Blog on 23rd October.

ADIEUWe thank Jim for giving us an opportunity to host this festival. Our heartfelt appreciation to the authors and readers whose participation has made this edition a success. Now we bid adieu till we meet again at another festival of sharing.

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