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FREE Quicken Online!

Quicken's online version of its personal finance management software has catapulted it to the league of online money management service providers like Wesabe, Mint, Mvelopes and more. Without much ado, lets delve into the details of this great product from one of the finest tool makers of this trade.

  • 60-Days FREE Trial, then only $2.99/month COMPLETELY FREE NOW!
  • With Quicken Online we can quickly and easily see our most up-to-date account info automatically when we sign in, no matter whether we're using Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox, or other popular Web browsers. Quicken Online is even compatible with iPhone.
  • We can sign in with a single password and bring our checking, savings, PayPalTM and credit card accounts together all in one place along with bill reminders!
  • It gives an instant view of where we're at financially plus what's coming up, anytime, from any computer with a Web connection or our iPhone. Our information is updated every night automatically.
  • It offers 128-bit encryption for our data.
  • We can get bill reminders via text messages or e-mail to remind us to make our payments. This will help us say goodbye to late fees or higher interest rates from credit card companies.
  • Its connected to over 5000 financial institutions and still counting. So hopefully all our banks and credit card companies will be included in its list so that it can seamlessly pull in our data.
  • Quicken Online automatically categorizes our expenses, so we can start seeing where our money is going. Also, we can create our own custom categories.
  • Most banks keep our online data for only 60 to 90 days. With Quicken Online, we can build our whole financial picture from the day we start. They store an active customer's data for up to 5 years!
  • The Quicken Online Community offers product and financial tips from people like us with blogs, podcasts, information about upcoming Quicken events and more.
We are mighty pleased with the plethora of features offered by Quicken Online, cross browser and cell phone compatibilities and ease of use. Currently we use Microsoft Money but we might switch to Quicken Online after we play with it a for a little longer will probably switch to Quicken Online since it's FREE now :).

Looking forward towards your feedback, experience(s) or opinion about this new online money management software. Keep those comments flowing :).

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